Our first meeting will focus on near-death experiences and how participants can get more information on such experiences. Attendees, who have had a near-death experience, will be given an opportunity to share their experience (if they wish to do so).

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About IANDS-Loudoun

ANDS-Loudoun, a regional chapter of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) serving northwest Virginia, provides a public forum for discussing and obtaining research-based information on near-death experiences, after-death communication, and other spiritually-transformative events. IANDS does not advocate any particular secular or religious viewpoint; facilitators for local group meetings promote open, respectful, and balanced dialogue. IANDS-Loudoun provides a place for people, who've had such experiences or are interested in such experiences, to share or discuss these experiences with others. Region-based IANDS groups usually best serve people who've had such experiences, are facing or fear death, are grieving, or are providing care and emotional support in hospice or hospital settings. Therapy services are not provided at local IANDS meetings.    

The facilitator for IANDS-Loudoun is a near-death experiencer who had her first such experience in early childhood. She is familiar with the after-effects of near-death and other spiritually transformative events, both from personal experience and her connection with IANDS. She also works as a hospice volunteer, is reading A Course in Miracles and a wide range of other spiritual texts, and is exploring various spiritual practices. She ran a regional IANDS group in Falls Church, Virginia, for twelve (12) years but has started this new group because she recently re-located to Loudoun County.


Saturday, 14 September, 10:15 - 12:15 am

(Attendance is free and without cost.)  

Purcellville Public Library
Carruthers (small) Meeting Room (Upstairs)
Library Parking Lot is located off Desales Drive

**This meeting is not sponsored by Loudoun County Public Library.**

IANDS-Loudoun meetings won't be held if inclement weather closes the library. Check the library.loudoun.gov website for operating status updates.

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